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Sean: It’s not the right time for this. I just… I think we should wait.
Juliette: Wait for what?
Sean: Just… I’m just not into casual sex. That’s all.
Juliette: Are you kidding me? You got about 20 tattoos, and you won’t have sex?
Sean: It’s not that I don’t want to. I mean, you’re beautiful, but I-I…
Juliette: So this is really fake, isn’t it?
Sean: Look, I like you… A lot.
Juliette: But it’s… it’s all for appearances?
Sean: No. That’s… that’s not what I mean.
Juliette: Are you gay? Is that why you agreed to this? Because you needed a skirt?
Sean: Hold on. Hold on. How do you get to gay from me wanting to take things slow? Let’s talk about this.

Nashville 1x07 - Lovesick Blues


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Juliette Barnes 1x07 boob appreciation post 

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Hayden Panettiere hosting Punk’d

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Everything is Ben and Leslie and NOTHING HURTS!!! 


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I wonder if this ever happens 

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My favorite kiss between them!


My favorite kiss between them!

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I wrote in Jessica Capshaw for PCA (: 


You should too!


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